Eastern Bloc Songs - A Sampler (2016)

Eastern Bloc Songs: A Sampler is a publication introducing loose English translations from the Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Croatian lyrics of 11 songs featured in the exhibition Behold! The Markets Shall Erase Our History! (Nottingham Contemporary, 16 Jan to 04 Mar 2016).

The selected songs, recorded between 1964 and 1981, cover material performed by Filipinki, Klan, Marta Kubišová, Czesław Niemen, Hana Zagorová, Sarolta Zalatnay & Metro, Olympic, Hana & Petr Ulrychovi, Josipa Lisac, Tadeusz Woźniak and Izabela Trojanowska, spanning the same historical period as this Eastern Bloc Songs website.

The 30pp booklet includes a brief introduction to each translated lyric, a discography of the sources of each track featured and two pages of monochrome illustrations. It is available from the Nottingham Contemporary gallery shop and costs £5.00.

Buy Eastern Bloc Songs: A Sampler here.


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