7″ Gallery

10 Responses to “7″ Gallery”

  1. Solett at 2:43 pm #

    Good blog. Respect.
    Were it possible to add the rear (back) covers too to gallery?

    • wayneburrows at 3:54 pm #

      I’ve added some of those with significant extra information and images on them, but many of the reverse sides of the sleeves are fairly generic, and only have limited visual or information value. Will hopefully keep developing it as it goes, though, so maybe more will be added…

  2. teliama at 12:40 pm #

    Bardzo ciekawy pomysł z tymi galeriami. Dołączam sie do prośby o prezentowanie pełnych okładek – przodu i tyłu, a nawet labeli, takze w przypadku płyt długogrających. Chetnie podeśle kilka ze swojej kolekcji. Pozdrawiam

  3. kavel at 3:45 pm #

    Hello! Love this collection. Would really like to add some of your scans to my blog ‘record envelope’ http://crossedcombs.typepad.com/recordenvelope/ I am particularly keen on the 7″ generic sleeves, I have a few Eastern European ones, but would love to add more. I hope to hear from you! All the best, Kavel

    • wayneburrows at 12:19 am #

      Hi Kavel, yes, do feel free to re-use any of these – and I enjoyed seeing the familiar (and unfamiliar) 7″ sleeve designs on your site, too…

      • kavel at 11:38 am #

        Fantastic! When I have some spare time I’ll upload some of your images, with a link of course. Thanks so much.

  4. Anton Spice at 3:30 pm #

    Hi there,
    I came across your site via Kavel Rafferty’s Record Envelope site (crossedcombs.typepad.com/recordenvelope/). We are doing a feature showcasing some of the sleeves collected on Kavel’s site and I wanted to ask you whether you would be up for contributing some of the ones featured here? We would of course credit them to your site. Let me know what you think.
    Best, Anton

    • wayneburrows at 5:45 pm #

      hi Anton,

      No problem with that, lovely to see them circulate! Obviously, I have no copyright over the designs and sleeve graphics featured on the site, but you’re more than welcome to use the scans.


  5. Anton Spice at 10:07 am #

    ok great cheers


  1. 30 stunning 7″ sleeves from the Former Soviet Union – The Vinyl Factory -

    […] When it comes to cover art, the more disposable and often generic 7” tends to have bad cards. This was not the case in the Eastern Bloc. Here is a selection of 30 incredible 7” record sleeve designs from the Former Soviet Union courtesy of Wayne Burrows’ excellent Eastern Bloc Songs gallery. […]

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