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Marta Kubišová: Proudy (Supraphon, 1969)

23 Sep

Another song adapted from Marta Kubišová’s Songy a Balady LP, as featured in the film series directed by Jan Nemec for Czech TV in 1969. The Czech lyric can be read here, and the song can be heard here accompanied by Nemec’s footage.

Proudy (Streams)

(after Randie Evritts/Zdenek Rytir, 1969)

These streams know all the finest songs.
This thin course winds among the rocks –

breaks out, in a sudden fall of tears,
where its darkest currents stir and flow.

These streams push forward my balsa raft.
Beneath my window, the river halts.

Pink timbers lift me above the fish below.
Butterflies guide me on the way I’ll go.

That guard of honour keeps my cargo safe.
Love stirs currents in all the seas.

My dress will billow when warm winds blow.
I let love take the currents – where it catches, stay.

So what’s the answer? The streams have songs.
I’ll let them take me, keep moving on.

I go where streams and seas and rivers flow.
Their currents know what only currents know.