Mira Kubasińska & Breakout: Gdybyś kochał hej (Pronit, 1969)

28 Jun

A pretty straightforward lyric from Breakout’s song Gdybyś kochał hej, issued in 1969 on the Pronit label. The original Polish text (written by Jacek Grań) can be found here, and a 1969 Polish TV clip featuring the band performing the song can be seen here.

Gdybyś kochał hej (If You Loved Me)

(after Tadeusz Nalepa/Jacek Grań, 1969)

If you liked me a little bit, liked me at all,
if you hadn’t chosen another girl,

then maybe I’d love you the way you are:
I’d have chosen you if you’d wanted me.

You might be the wind and I the open grass,
you might be the sky and I a poplar tree.

You might be the sun, I the shadow you cast,
if you’d only change your mind at last.

And if you dream of me at night, well, hey,
I might feel peace and you might stay.

Maybe I’ll still love you, maybe I’ll just go.
Unless you love me, you’ll never know.


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