Wedding Playlist: Britannia Boat Club, Nottingham (4 June 2011)

12 Jun

In case anyone was there and wondered what the hell was going on behind the decks, here’s a list (in order) of what came out of the record boxes and found its way to the turntables during a short but (hopefully) sweet set on the night:

Breakout: Poszlabym Za Toba (from Muza EP ‘Opole 69’)
Breakout: Gdybys Kochal, Hej! (Pronit 45)
Blue Effect: Sun Is So Bright (from Panton EP ‘Sen Neni Vecny’)
Petr Ulrych/Atlantis: Wine Or Love (Supraphon 45)
Karel Kahovec/Flamengo: Poprava Blond Holky (Supraphon 45)
Atlantis: Don’t You Break It Again (Nepierusuj!) (Supraphon 45)
Vera Spinarova: Den a Noc (She’s Not There) (from Panton LP ‘Andromeda’)
Hana & Petr Ulrychovi: A Co Ma Bejt (from Supraphon LP ‘13HP’)
Viktor Sodoma a Girls: Vysoka Hra (Supraphon 45)
Martha & Tena: Boure (Panton 45)
Illes: Nehez Az Ut (from Qualiton LP ‘Exmusic/Nehez Az Ut’)
Olympic: Ikarus Blues (from Supraphon LP ‘Ptak Rosomak’)
Alibabki: Slonce w Chmurach Lazi (from Pronit LP ‘Kwiat Jednej Nocy’)
Petr Spaleny/Apollobeat: Kdybych Ja Byl Kovarem (Supraphon 45)
Vaclav Neckar/Golden Kids: Goo Goo Barabajagal (Supraphon 45)


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